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Mar 27


Supernatural Dramatic Zooms: A Comprehensive History

I have a compulsion to reblog all things Supernatural

Mar 27
Mar 27

For those of you who think it’s cool to say you have anxiety or depression because you’ve felt anxious once or twice, or sad some days, shame on you. You detract and minimize a real illness of the brain and make those of us who HAVE these conditions feel even more as though we are crazy to think we have the condition.

Stop being someone you aren’t. You’re beautiful the way you are. For those who HAVE anxiety and depression (the noun version, not the adjectives), hang in there. Your feelings are valid, and you are beautiful the way you are.

Mar 24

I know why cats

I know why cats HAVE to be in the bathroom with you.

Cats are the protectors of their family…and the underworld. They spend all day making sure there are no ghouls and ghosts near you. And they know you can fend for yourself during the day.

Then, when you’re in the bathroom, you’re vulnerable. So they protect you when you can’t protect yourself.

You’re welcome.

Mar 14

Anonymous asked: Any idea why we get those intense sharp pains in the ribs when inhaling? No injuries, not linked to exercising, not a smoker... It's an occasional thing maybe half a dozen times a year. It almost feels like you've got a cracked rib and you can't fill up your lungs completely because of the pain. It only lasts maybe two minutes or so. My mother told me as a. Child that is was your ribs growing but I'm dubious since I'm 22 and this still happens.


Actually, if it’s short and periodic, it can have a lot of reasons, but the most common causes are the same as periodic sharp abdominal pain - namely, gas buildup and acid reflux.

If the pain is specific to inhalation (ie when the ribs move) and near the front of the chest, there’s costochondritis (the inflammation of the cartilage connected to the ribs), but that often lasts longer than 2 minutes. It IS common to younger people, though. And as much as I doubt your pain is due to “growing” (that sort of pain is usually restricted to the long bones), you may well not be done growing yet…just sayin’ :P

If your pain ever gets serious, or lasts more than a couple minutes, or radiates anywhere aside from where it normally is, go to urgent care or the ER! As always, I’m not a doctor, and make no medical claims and give no medical advice - but I’m happy to give you some direction when you’re wondering where to look when you don’t know what you have or are interested in the history or general information on medical stuff! :)

I think it’s just a muscle spasm in the intercostal muscles.

I just googled it. I seem to be right.

Mar 02
The first book that made me feel.

The first book that made me feel.

Mar 02
Such wow. So pretty.

Such wow. So pretty.

Mar 02

I don’t cut myself. I’m not afraid of the pain, or how it will feel. I’m think I’ll like it too much. And the only marks I want on my body are stretch marks and tattoos. One shows the beauty I’ve brought into the world, the other shows the beauty I don’t want to hide inside.

Feb 28




big puffy gorgeous ridiculous like what the fuck are you

It’s a manul, aka Pallas cat, aka wild lumploaf and they are basically the best and most ridiculous big puffy gorgeous ridiculouses in the world.


Wild Lumploaf bwahahahahaha

Brusha brusha brusha bruushh meeee. I wanna be diiiiirty. (Rocky horror tune)

Feb 28

Horse head squirrel feeder →


Alright, which one of you did it?

This is so fvckin yes.